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Name: Cyborg
Real Name: Victor Stone
Height: 6'8"
Weight: 445 lbs
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Birthdate: 5/2/82
Sign: Aries

Superhuman abilities: None. 
Weapons/Paraphernalia: Cyborg possesses cybernetic enhancements that provide superhuman strength, endurance and durability. Cyborg can also interface with computers.

History: Victor Stone was always an outsider. He was one of a few black kids going to school in his upper- middle class neighborhood. Vic has always had to prove to himself time and time again that he was better, worthy of the life that he lived. Luckily he inherited genius-level intelligence from his parents, research scientists for LexCorp Silas and Elinore Stone.  Young Vic got into trouble when he began hanging around with the wrong crowd, which included a youth named Ron Evers, who got Vic into trouble several times. Victor remained Ron's friend because he had no one else, his actions stimulated by his loneliness and lack of attention from his father.

Thanks to Elinore's persuasion, Silas allowed Vic to attend public high school, where he immediately began making friends and showing great athletic potential. Vic met his first girlfriend, Marcy Reynolds, and trained very hard in the hopes of going to the Olympics for Track and Field. On his way home from Track practice, he unfortunately happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, after an attempted armored car robbery, he was caught in the middle of a gun fight between the robbers and the police. He was rushed to a hospital, nearly all of his vital organ systems failing. Unable to deal with losing his son, Silas Stone pleaded to Lex Luthor to allow him to help save Victor.  Using experimental cybernetic technology, Victor Stone was allowed to live on as Cyborg.  Over the years he has learned to deal with his new body, more recently signing on with Lex Luthor to help serve as a leader of the Teen Titans. 

Heat Factor: Cyborg is the brains of the organization. He keeps behind the scenes. Superboy may be in leader up front, but we know it's Vic that keeps everything running smoothly .
His Passions: Running track, mechanics, computers, building things, designing new technology.
Status: Single.