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HEIGHT: 6'1"
WEIGHT: 325 lbs
AGE: 19
HAIR: Blonde
EYES: Blue

Superhuman Powers: Aquaman possesses enhanced strength, speed and durability as well as the ability to communicate directly with sea life. He can swim underwater at rates up to 100 mph and withstand extremes of temperature and pressure.

Dr. Quinzell's Observations: Orin being a Prince, and grown up royalty has left him with a really big superiority complex.  He believes he is better than.. just about all of us "surface dwellers" and tries to take charge of every group he's thrown in. He sees it as his "right as Prince of Atlantis," although it just seems to grate on people's nerves.

Lex's Observations: Orin's affiliation with LexCorp could have some very good benefits.  By having ties with an Atlantean prince, we may be able to have a great trade partner, as well as allies incase anything happens to us.  Anyway, Orin also brings a nice public face that we can bring out whenever there are allegations of our alleged dumping of waste into the ocean.  As for memorabilia, we have a line of T-shirts featuring his face, and also a TV movie based on his "past" in the works.  I also have people working on action figures of the team, and more specifically for Orin, a toy trident that crackles with "lightning"

Neil Richards's Observations: Orin was really intent on keeping his title as "Prince of Atlantis," so we decided to fabricate a story based on the old myth of merman that inhabited the sea.  We are really enjoying playing on his as a kind of "outsider," due to his mixed heritage, a trait that many female girls can empathize.  The fact that this good seemed to get the good genes also seems to help out with this.


          Atlan, his twin sister Atlanna, and Trevis had been friends for as long as any of them could remember. When Trevis' father, Orin, passed on and he was coronated as king of Atlantis it was only natural that Atlan was appointed as his vizier and Atlanna was taken as his queen. After many years had passed, Atlanna had not proven able to bear an heir with Trevis. Atlan's magics revealed it was not Atlanna who was infertile, but Trevis. Atlan threw himself into eldritch research to find a spell to help his brother-in-law conceive, and opened himself up to dark and ancient things best left undisturbed. Atlan's power increased exponentially until he finally did discover the spell to insure Trevis' fertility. The spell had horrible side effects, however, and Orin's conception was not an act of love, but a violent act of wrath and terror. Trevis was changed by the potent magic Atlan worked, and not for the better. He was transformed from the kind and benevolent monarch his people so loved, into a tyrant whose people called for ruin. During Orin's seventh year, he and his botany instructor were beset by rebels who sought to embarrass Trevis by slaying his favorite son. Their royal guards were overcome and Orin would surely have fallen victim to their schemes had he not manifested his telepathic ability for the first time. He summoned a school of sharks to his aid and they devoured his enemies. Atlanna died within a year of this gruesome event, suddenly and inexplicably. Atlan was bereaved by his sister's death, but knew that the taint of his magic would ultimately destroy his nephew as it had Atlanna. Atlan began to tutor the prince, instructing him how to quiet his emotions and wield his powers through will and not fear or rage. Secretly, Atlan trapped his sister's essence in a sapphire, her goodness and her purity, her love, and placed the gemstone inside a crown specially crafted for the young prince. Orin was presented the crown at his coming-of-age ceremony. Orm, Orin's younger brother by Trevis' first concubine, soured the occasion with his enmity. He challenged Orin's right to rule Atlantis in open court. Orin was overcome by a vision that caused him to cry out and drop to his knees in pain. He told no one what he saw, and decided the next day, that he must go to the surface world.