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CODENAME: Black Canary
REAL NAME: Dinah Laurel Lance
HEIGHT: 5'4"
WEIGHT: 115 lbs
AGE: 17
GENDER: Female
HAIR: Blonde
EYES: Blue-grey

Superhuman Abilities/Skills: Black Canary has the ability to emit a sonic scream, a superstrong sonic concussive blast, that has 
been dubbed her canary Cry. She has also mastered serveral martial arts and possibly has the skill to contend with the top martial artists in the world. She has the regular strength, agility, and stamina of a girl her size who is in top shape. 

Dr. Quinzell's Observations: Black Canary would not submit to a psychological observation with me, so I was forced to do this from afar.  Dinah is very interesting, a very conflicted young woman.  She is obviously working with Mr. Luthor grudgingly.  I do not know much about her history, but from what I see from her, something in her past has caused her to be very angry.

Lex's Observations: Of all the Titans, Black Canary probably would be the most lucrative in terms of marketing.  Very much like the other young, blonde female pop icons, she will be looked at by young girls for not only her charming attitude.. but also what she wears.  We could very well create a juniors line, based on fashions worn by young Miss Lance.  As with other girls, we are looking to partner with Mattel in creating a Titans line of Barbie dolls.  Also, we are looking to produce a Black Canary line of lollypops, like the ones she never seems to put down.

Neil Richards's Observations: Black Canary came in with a great sense of style.  We did not have to do much to change her look, we just styled and cut the hair, and modified her Black Canary uniform.  We wanted to add more sex appeal (not that she needed more, the fishnets are just great), yet keep it classic and useful.  This young girl is just beautiful and upbeat, we're just going to let her do her own thing, she needs no gimmick.


Dinah keeps her personal matters to herself, so she does not reveal anything she does not have to about her personal life. There is only a small amount of information Dinah has told about herself, even to me. 

From an early age, she has always felt that she was a disappointment to her mother. Diana Drake retired from the Justice Society not long after meeting her husband, Larry Lance. Diana yearned for a normal family life, and thus resolved to never put her fishnets on again. Therefore, she vowed that her daughter would never continue in her shoes either. She never realized Dinah would be given a power she never had and a much greater desire to learn how to fight and defend justice. Diana hated the idea of her daughter becoming a costumed superhero. She wanted her daughter to go to school and get an education, to be normal. However, Dinah never did well in school as her mother would have liked. Instead of focusing on school, Dinah immersed herself in her two passions: racing and martial arts.

Dinah discovered martial arts early on. She trained with the same sensei for a number of years. She worked hard and focused on that instead of caring about school. During her time in high school, Dinah stumbled into the world of bike racing. She immediately fell in love with the sport.

Diana was always aware of her daughter's interest in martial arts and how it effected her school work, so Dinah made sure to lie about her racing. Without her mother's knowledge, Dinah purchased a motorcycle which she named Oracle. She has ridden Oracle and won a number of races.

After Dinah turned 17, her mother kicked her out of the house. Dinah was kicked out because Diana discovered her secret about racing bikes, skipping school and that Dinah had used her old codename, a modified version of her costume, and her metahuman ability to become the new Black Canary. However, Dinah has never told anyone the true reason why her mother disowned her. Since that moment, though, Dinah has determined to take care of herself and never depend on anyone. 

Dinah emancipated herself, and moved out. She managed to find a cheap enough apartment. She knew she needed a real job, so she had to put stopping muggers and defending what little justice she could as the Black Canary on the back burner. She found a job at her martial arts school. Her sensei was kind enough to give her a teaching position. Her sensei could not pay her enough, so she tried a number of different odd jobs, even motorcycle repair. She was fine to begin with, but things quickly began to turn south. 

When Dinah discovered she could not get a full time mechanics job to supplement her small teaching wages, she decided to pull out her own fishnets again and try her hand at detective work. She was learning how to control her canary cry, and believed she could use this to help people. She received a few paying jobs, but Dinah grew to hate her grimy clients. It did, however, help Dinah realize something. Dinah loved helping people and she had accumulated a great deal of detective skills. She needed to help people because it made sense to her. She had to protect others not like her who could not protect themselves, and she could not take their money for it. Thus, began her downfall. She lost sight of her jobs, and thus her rent and food money. She grew extremely weak and desperate. That is how Lex Luthor found Dinah Lance. Dinah did not like the idea of joining Lex's team, but no matter how much pride Dinah has and how stubborn and independent she is, she does know when to ask for help. Lex brought her to the team, but he did push Dinah to get her G.E.D. Her younger age was not a problem because she was legally an adult. Dinah was only happy to join because she could continue to help people, and because she would be working alongside her friend and one time partner, Dawn Granger AKA Dove. 

Dinah met Dove soon after she started her life as a superhero and she was not as bad off yet. Dove had just moved to New York and was having to adjust to the number of different superheroes she discovered in the states. There was a bank robbery with two armed and trigger-happy thieves who were fleeing the scene. The police were unable to follow him, and the first two to arrive on the scene were the Black Canary and Dove. Dove and Black Canary were able to catch the robbers quickly together. They instantly bonded. When they were caught unaware by the media, the connection was seen by the reporters. Both Dawn and Dinah had a laugh the next day over one of the papers references of them as the "Birds of Prey."