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REAL NAME: Grant Emerson
HEIGHT: 5'10"
WEIGHT: 165 lbs
AGE: 19
HAIR: Brown
EYES: Brown

Superhuman Abilities/Skills: Damage is a living biochemical fusion reactor that builds up a power charge through a unique hormonal process. This charge gives Damage heightened strength, durability, speed and reflexes - powers which grow in proportion to the energy charge he has built up. When Damage is unable to expend the charge he has created, the extra energy is directed outward in a massive concussive blast - an energy discharge Damage is only beginning to control. 
Weapons: None 

Dr. Quinzell's Observations: Grant was fairly responsive with the examination. He actually enjoys being a member of the Titans, something Lex will likely feel good with. I talked to him a little bit, trying to get to know about his past, but he seemed rather avoidant, particularly when we started to talk about his father. I'm afraid that these issues with his father cut a little deep, though with him being uncooperative, I'm not sure how far they go.

Lex's Observations: Grant seems really eager to be here. But my team and I have had trouble placing him in a niche. The grunge thing was fine in the 90's but today... it doesn't work so well. I'm trying not to play up the kid from the wrong side of the tracks either, because Roy seems to have the bad boy vibe covered.  Of the other Titans, he probably is the least confident in his abilities, with good reason. We'll play up this normal kid thing, more relatable to normal kids than the others.  Now to find a way to market it. 

Neil Richards's Observations: Grant. Oy. This kid was a train wreck. His hair was long and greasy and stringy. He literally looked like someone plucked him out of a trash heap. Even worse than that was that he would not cooperate. This isn't the 90's man. Grant just.. seems to be stuck in a time warp. He's not a terribly ugly kid, he just really really needed help.  First thing I did was go about cleaning up that hair. After that it wasn't too bad. Well except for us having to burn his old clothes, though he insisted (and nearly beat up a few of my assistants) that he keep his flannel, we obliged him that. My team eventually got him an entire new wardrobe, we decided to fit him in clothes that an everyday kid would wear. A lot of Abercrombie and Fitch, American Eagle, stuff like that. He really hates it, oh well.  His costume is very simple too, it looks almost like something someone could wear as street clothes. We want him to have that "normal kid" vibe.


Born in abject poverty in Georgia, Grant had a fairly normal, if somewhat abysmal, childhood. Reports and psychological studies seem to imply that he suffered a great deal of abuse from his father (who, further investigation has also uncovered, was, in fact, a foster father. Grant does not know this and the fate of his birth parents is unknown), leading to him being an underachiever in school. In short, he was a no-hoper doomed for a dead-end job and an uneventful life. However, during a scuffle with local police when he was seventeen, Grant discovered his natural meta-human abilities when he exploded, taking a squad car with him. Released on bail, Grant immediately fled, started a nomadic trek across America, taking on odd jobs here and there to provide for himself. Eventually, he noticed the adverts for The Teen Titans and decided to audition, his powers and the pity vote allowing him to get through the preliminaries where his looks and less-than-sparkling personality failed him.