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REAL NAME: Dawn Granger
HEIGHT: 5'5"
WEIGHT: 120 lbs
AGE: 18
GENDER: Female
HAIR: (As Dawn) Blonde, (As Dove) White
EYES: Blue

Superhuman Abilities/Skills: Dove has above average strength dexterity and speed, and the ability to fly. She also has increased mental capacity, as well as a higher than normal healing ability. Dawn incredibly smart even with out her powers, she knows Russian and Arabic fluently and Japanese and German as second languages. She's very organized and deals with stress very well.

Dr. Quinzell's Observations: Dawn, much like the others, is very hesitant to say anything.  I continually prod her about her relationship with her mother, a subject that obviously bothers her. She has a distrust of authority figures, I believe, because of her mother. I really would like to talk to her more about this, but she's been tight lipped.

Lex's Observations: The image you get when you think of a Dove is something pure and clean. We're going to play up this virginal, sweet image, give the kids a standard to look up to. She's a very smart girl, and it comes across very much in the way she carries herself. I'm sure there are girls out there that look up to that, that may not want to be a Power Girl, or a Black Canary. We may have to open her up a little bit, however, she's very guarded and in a public relations heavy organization like ours, we can't have that.

Neil Richards's Observations: Dove dresses very casually, with a lot of brighter colors.  Lex wanted to play up the cleanness, so we've put her in a lot of softer colors, baby blues (a color which I think looks AMAZING on her), soft purples, and of course, white.  We left her costume alone, it's perfect the way it is, not revealing at all, just serves to sum up Dove very nicely.


            Almost as soon as she was born, Dawn Granger traveled the globe constantly, due to her mother’s -Allison's- career in the State Department who became the ambassador for nations such as Japan, Russia, Israel, Jordan, and most recently Germany. Her father, James, was an anthropologist who refused to have his daughter miss out on the opportunities of experiencing different cultures and learning new languages. She was an exemplary student, showing strong leadership abilities (though she rarely took this role) and a natural talent for order and organization. While well liked among the adults in her life including foreign dignitaries, Dawn had a difficult time dealing with children her own age, next to children of other ambassadors. She became a bookworm and focused on her studies, already a gifted child, these habits made her exceptionally knowledgeable. However, Dawn was also a bit of a gentle prankster, pulling elaborate pranks in gentle jest that were never linked back to the socially shy bookworm. Dawn has come to believe that all riddles have answers, problems can be solved, and an intelligent mind will always be the greatest strength of humankind.

At the age of 15 while in Germany visiting a friend whose father was the foreign ambassador for Israel, the embassy was taken over by an Islamic fundamentalist terrorist group who claimed they had a bomb. Desperate, Dawn pleaded to something beyond her to save them all. A voice belonging to the Lady of Order promised Dawn the power to make order of this chaos if she said the word, ‘Dove’. She agreed. Dawn became the human conduit for the living essence of the Lady of Order though her mind was her own and tricked the terrorist group into telling her where the bomb was and dispatched the men. The Lady informed her that she could keep these abilities to defend the people against the uprising chaos that was to come. Dawn became ‘Dove’, a popular hero in Europe due to her bravery and cunning rather than brawn. 

A year later her mother moved back to the states, deciding she would start her political career. Dawn was aghast and begged her mother to let her stay in Europe, eventually admitting she was ’Dove’. This did not persuade her mother to stay and Dawn’s family settled in New York City though it seemed the world had enough super heroes, though it did not stop Dove from doing her share. She once teamed up with Canary over a case though she never received the same recognition she did in Europe, Dawn did not mind, however. She and Dinah became friends due to these events.

Allison mother however had a problem with the campaign she was running for senate position, she didn‘t have enough money. A friend of Lex Luthor, Allison arranged a deal with Luthor to have Dove join the Teen Titans and then later promised Dawn she would focus on the issues her daughter had been harping about for years. With great reluctance, Dawn agreed.