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CODENAME: Green Arrow
REAL NAME: Roy Harper
HEIGHT: 5'10"
WEIGHT: 160 lbs
AGE: 18
EYES: Green

Superhuman Abilities/Skills: Green Arrow possesses no superhuman powers or abilities, however he is a marksman of incredible accuracy which are far superior to any other living being.

Weapons: Green Arrow carries a bow and a quiver on his back filled with normal arrows. He also has been known to use a wide variety of 'trick' or gimmick arrows in various situations.

Dr. Quinzell's Observations: Roy keeps most of his emotions to himself whenever we talk.  He seems to be very angry, making it difficult to get anything out of him. There may be a problem with his inability to talk to a woman without trying to hit on them, as well as his smoking habits. His reasons for being on this team are all wrong. 

Lex's Observations: going to be a handful. I honestly didn't want to deal with him, but he has a built in fan base with his name being so out there due to his archery career. If we can keep him reigned in a bit, it shouldn't be too bad. As for marketing, toy archery sets would definitely be a lock, as well as sponsorships for archery companies, energy drinks as well as other endorsements.

Neil Richards's Observations: Roy came in with that bad boy look locked down. The only problem I had was his hair, it had to go. We buzzed it short, and let him keep all his piercings and all that other stuff. As for his costume, we wanted to keep the Green Arrow moniker given to him by the public, so going off of the original Green Arrow, we made him up to look like a modern day Robin Hood, except actually modern day, we did a lot of updating, got rid of the silly hat, and I think we have something that is functional, stylish, yet keeps that Robin Hood style.


            The early years of Roy Harper's life are unknown. He never knew his mother since she died during child birth. His father was a forest ranger, and passed away after trying to rescue a couple of trapped Navajo Indians in the middle of an enormous forest fire. Forever indebted to Roy's father, the Navajo settled on the reservation took in the newly orphaned child as a member of their tribe. Roy grew up with few friends. With so much time on his hands, he developed himself physically and learned how to use a bow and arrow, reaching a level of physical prowess and archery skill of someone twice his age. He only got better as the years went by, and the word about his superior talents in archery spread he eventually took his talents to the competitive level. He started off with local competitions held between the Navajo tribe and the other neighboring tribes, but eventually his abilities proved to be far superior than that of the other competitors, and he eventually moved on to bigger and better things. He soon began to compete at the state level, and eventually the national level, taking on the name Green Arrow so that he could avoid too much exposure from the media. He was undefeated, no one could even come close to comparing to him. Once his exploits reached the international level, the name Green Arrow was almost a household name. It didn't take long before he was contacted by Lex Luthor to join a newly developing team of superheroes where his skills could be put to better use.