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CODENAME: Power Girl
REAL NAME: Donna Troy
HEIGHT: 6'1"
WEIGHT: 170 lbs
AGE: 19
GENDER: Female
HAIR: Black
EYES: Blue

Superhuman Abilities/Skills: Physically, Power Girl is superhuman in almost every way. She can effortlessly lift weights of many tons. Her body can withstand extraordinary pressure and heat. She can achieve running speeds nearing 80 mph and maintain that speed for hours with her heightened endurance. 
Weapons: None

Dr. Quinzell's Observations: Donna didn't understand what we were trying to do at first. She has trouble relating well to the rest of her teammates.  The adjustment from going to the world where she was very secluded to the new open, very different environment. She has been using television as a learning tool, something that may not be the best, but works nicely. She has an honest want to learn, to see the outside world, to be her own woman. I think being on the Titans would suit her just fine.

Lex's Observations: Donna Troy literally is a Warrior Princess.  She's really against letting her origins out, so we're just going to go with her being a kick ass power chick, along the lines of a Buffy or a Xena.  The little girls will look up to her, though they may have some trouble relating to her personally, she's very nice and kind, but being an outsider, cannot relate to those of our world yet. 

Neil Richards's Observations: Donna's style was very functional when she came to us, nothing too glamorous. We decided to change that. She has a very nice physique and figure, so we need to show it off. She kept her hair tied back a lot, but I just adore the waves in her hair, they're almost perfect. We had to take her hair down and trim it down a little bit it was too long. Her complexion is to die for, she doesn't need much make-up. She was a DREAM to work with. Very cooperative and looks good in just about anything.  We chose purple for her costume to give off that regal vibe, what a princess is.


           On the island of Themyscira, the tormented souls of murdered women were given new flesh from clay by Zeus. These women would be known as the Amazons and live in peace on their hidden island for centuries under the rule of Queen Hippolyta. Though glad to be given new life, Hippolyta wished to share it with her unborn daughter from her life as a mortal. Centuries later, the gods would grant her this wish and thus was born Princess Diana.

Almost 20 years ago, the wreckage of a ship washed up onto the shores of Themyscira. Among the wreckage was a female infant. Hippolyta adopted the child to raise as her own, naming her Donna.

Donna was raised alongside Diana, who was older by several years. However in comparison to the rest of the immortal population of Themyscira, they may as well have been the same age. She was trained in the Amazon ways of battle in which she excelled so naturally at but not quite to the level of Diana who was considered the island's finest warrior.

Donna also received an education in Amazon teachings and philosophies. She was continually told of the dangers of the outside world, Man's World. However rather than taking them as warnings, they only made Donna wish to experience it for herself. Such a thing was of course denied to her. It was forbidden for those from the outside world to even set foot on Themyscira. Donna was the only person to ever be allowed. A fact about her origins that she was never made aware.

Donna was furious to learn that Diana had been allowed to leave Themyscira and explore "Man's World." Hippolyta attempted to reason with her, and eventually Donna accepted it. Or at least, that is how it appeared. Donna would later disappear from Themyscira during the night, having taken to the waters and stubbornly swam all the way to Man's World.

Notes: The ship wreck that sent Donna to Themyscira was caused by Neptune/Poseidon, who purposefully attempted to kill all those aboard including Donna. He did so not out of malice but out of wanting to protect Themyscira. He had discovered that the ship contained a cargo intended for Themyscira placed by the god of war, Ares, and meant to bring the Amazons into conflict with the rest of the world. However, Poseidon did not know what that cargo actually was, assuming it to now rest on the ocean's floor and not realizing that it was in fact the infant Donna, Ares' own half human daughter.