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REAL NAME: Richard "Rich" John Grayson
HEIGHT: 5'10"
WEIGHT: 165 lbs
AGE: 19
HAIR: Black
EYES: Blue

Superhuman Abilities/Skills: None 
Weapons: Bo staff and a utility belt with many different items, among them are a zip line and gas bombs 

Dr. Quinzell's Observations: Rich was very warm and open with me. Of all the Titans, he's probably the most comfortable with the group living, being from the circus. Living as a part of the circus has really shaped who he is, he's very flamboyant, an attention getter, but also a hard-worker and very independent.

Lex's Observations: The public voted Richard onto this team. Personally I think he's a little redundant, what with Roy and Dinah, but I'm going to have to just work with this.  He obviously has a large fan base, else he wouldn't have been voted in.  The teen girls love him, so we're going to milk this for what it's worth, get him all over the magazine covers, interviews on TV shows, the whole nine.

Neil Richards's Observations: Rich, just wow. He's stunning. His face, his physique is just.. it's a wonder that some girl hasn't snatched him up already. No wonder the girls voted him in. Anyway, despite this, he had no real idea as to what fashion is. His time in the circus obviously hasn't helped him much. I didn't want to hide his physique too much under layers, so we went very simple with him, jeans and sleeveless t-shirts to show off his arms.


    Rich Grayson was born into a long line of circus performers. He grew up in the circus, and as such was somewhat raised by everyone in the circus and was thought of fondly, by all the other carnies. When he was old enough, his parents began incoprorating him into their act, The Flying Graysons and he began to learn all about acrobatics and the trapeze, which he fell in love with, because of the freedom it gave him. However, he also started being given a lot more chores and work to do, around the circus, mainly with helping to setup their act, as well as various other things, as they traveled from city to city. It was hard work and as such, Rich wound up working, much like everyone else, almost constantly and learned to live with a minimum amount of sleep. As he began to get older and was picked on, by some of the townies, some of his co-workers decided it was time to teach him a little bit about defending himself and taught him how to brawl, as well as how to use knives. 

    Around the time he hit puberty, Rich began noticing those of the female persuasion, more often and as they traveled through towns, Rich became quite popular with female townies. This obviously led to several confrontations, however Rich never seemed to change his ways. Of course, it wasn't long however, that the traveling and heavy workload began to get to Rich. Feeling frustrated at not being able to stay in one place and not getting a chance to see the world, Rich decided to leave the circus, to find a new life more suited to him. He had something of a falling out with his parents over his decision and left, with the money he'd saved up for wages, to Gotham City. When he arrived there, he took a variety of part-time jobs, trying to find what suited him best. 

    While heading back to where he was staying, late, one night, he was set upon by a street gang, who fully intended to try to mug him and take his hard earned cash. Naturally, Rich was against this. He fought them, and actually held his own fairly well. However, the numbers were a bit too much for him and he couldn't hold out for long. When he awoke, he found that not only was his money still there, the rest of the gang that had attacked him were all unconscious. He thought it was a little strange and it got even stranger, when he reached into his pocket and found a flyer of an advertisement for the LexCorp Teen Titans stuffed inside. He was still a little curious about what had happened and also how that flyer had gotten there, but he quickly began thinking the Teen Titans could be his chance to do what he did best and get a chance to see the world, as well as have some chance at steady life, so he took off to attend an audition for this team.