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CODENAME: Sentinel
REAL NAME: Kyle Rayner
HEIGHT: 6'0"
WEIGHT: 180 lbs
AGE: 18
HAIR: Black
EYES: Green

Superhuman Abilities/Skills: None

Weapons/Paraphernalia: Kyle is in possession of a Green Lantern Power Ring, an object considered to be the most powerful weapon in the universe. The power the of ring is limited only by the bearers imagination and willpower. From emerald energy, it is able to create virtually anything Kyle can conceive of including solid constructs and forms of radiation. The ring has additional functions as well serving as a language translator, interstellar database, and warp gate generator. These additional abilities have either never been used by Kyle before or only on a subconscious level.

Dr. Quinzell's Observations: Kyle was very hard to get anything out of.  During the entire evaluation his mind seemed to be elsewhere.  He wasn't hostile at all, he just seemed to not even realize that I was talking to him sometimes. He obviously has a few issues, which I learned from his bio stem from lack of a strong father figure, as well as the senseless death of his girlfriend. He was powerless to do anything about it and has big issues about being powerless. Having a ring that grants him so much power.. troubles me.  He may come to need it, to make him feel whole, to give him power.  I wish I could get through to him.

Lex's Observations: The major product tie-in with Kyle would definitely be replica rings.  We could also reprint some of his artwork and sell them in stores. With his ring, Kyle is a sponsors dream. Just think of the possibilities of him saving a group of people with a giant Energizer Bunny or diverting a flash flood with a giant Nike swoosh.. he should be very easy to market.

Neil Richards's Observations: When Kyle came to us.. he was a total mess. He looked disheveled, and didn't seem to care about what he's wearing or how he looks.  Well nowadays that sort of thing is in. So we didn't really do much to change his look. We cut his hair and worked with him to create a style that is very much his own.


            Kyle's father took off while his mother was still pregnant. As such, he has never met his father. He was raised by his mother in New York in a one bedroom apartment. In school, he was always more interested in doodling in his notebook than putting any real effort into his studies. He was fine with sliding by with decent grades while entertaining fantasies of drawing comics or cartoons someday. His mother always tried to get him involved in more than just drawing. Eventually, Kyle gave in and tried hockey for awhile but that became too expensive for them to afford for very long. Kyle enjoyed playing hockey but wasn't bothered by having to give it up. He always maintained a laid back satisfaction with his life. He had his mother, friends, a hobby he was good at, and Alex DeWitt, his girlfriend. Outside of that, he just never seemed to care. Then Alex died. It was a hit and run. They were walking from a friend's apartment and stopped in front of a closed pawn shop to look at a strange ring in the window when a speeding car jumped the curb and barreled into Alex, only inches away from hitting Kyle as well. It wasn't an accident. He could hear them hooting and laughing as they sped off. He stayed with Alex until the ambulance arrived, but it didn't matter. She died in his lap as he could start to hear the sirens coming. After that, the laid back satisfaction Kyle always had was gone. He almost entirely shut down, avoiding his friends and only narrowly graduating from high school. Most of his friends just couldn't deal and left him his space, but one of them, Terry, kept trying to pull Kyle out of it. Out walking on day, they found themselves walking the same street Alex died on. To make it worse, a fight also broke out between two of the Justice League, the Flash and the Atom, against some super powered goon at the same spot. Kyle and Terry tried escaping to someplace safe, but Kyle froze in front of the pawn shop seeing the window had been smashed in from the fighting. Terry's shouting snapped him out of it, and he took off after Terry. But not before grabbing the green ring inside the shop. Eventually, the ring began manifesting its power while Kyle would be wearing it. He only ever showed Terry what it could do. He couldn't explain why but having the ring even before he realized its power made him feel almost whole again.