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CODENAME: Starfire
REAL NAME: Koriand'r (sometimes refered as Kori Anders)
HEIGHT: 5'9"
WEIGHT: 155 lbs
AGE: 17
GENDER: Female
HAIR: Orange
EYES: Green

Superhuman Powers: Superhuman strength, speed, near invulnerability, as well as flight. Although he has yet to use it, Matrix has the ability to alter his appearance.

Dr. Quinzell's Observations: Starfire

Lex's Observations: Starfire

_____'s Observations: Starfire


           Koriand'r hails from the planet Tamaran and is the daughter of the king, Myand'r. The planet is known for it's free emotions where the people of Tamaran are known to go by their feelings instead of logic. The people also lived very peacefully on the tropical utopia while also always training the higher class to be fighters but mostly in a ceremonial setting than training for actual wars and battles. Kori also had an older sister who was a little on the sickly side and was never able to achieve the ability to fly unlike her younger sister which led her to start to hate Kori more and more as time went on. When Komand'r was 12 and Kori was 11 they were sent to Okaara, a far away planet from their own home of Tamaran. It was on this planet that she and Kori were trained to also be warriors through a ritual called, Kynasf'rr. After the ritual Starfire and her family returned to peaceful Tamaran but they found out that it was being attacked by an alien race called the Psions. The war would go on for years and there didn't seem to be any end until there was a miraculous event. After numerous battles and countless Tamaran's killed there was a truce called that resulted in Starfire and her sister being given up to the Psions where they were experimented on, mostly in the case of storing solar energy in their body and being able to release it. After nearly a month of painful experimentation, Starfire and her sister, now referring to herself as Blackfire, attempted an escape using their new abilities. Blackfire killed many Psions during the escape and when they found a shuttle to hopefully return home she tricked Starfire and left her on a wrecked shuttle that traveled on a random course far away from her home of Tamaran. The shuttle ended up coming towards Earth and strands Starfire on the new planet she calls home until she can locate and find a way back to her own planet of Tamaran.