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CODENAME: Superboy
REAL NAME: n/a (sometimes referred to as Kon-El or Matrix)
HEIGHT: 6'3"
WEIGHT: 205 lbs
AGE: unknown
HAIR: Black
EYES: Blue

Superhuman Powers: Superhuman strength, speed, near invulnerability, as well as flight. Although he has yet to use it, Matrix has the ability to alter his appearance.

Dr. Quinzell's Observations: Superboy seems to be rather stable. Although with the new team and outside stimuli, it is quite possible that he may begin to develop his own personality, which would be healthy for him, but would not help Lex in the long run.  Also, with the difference in views brought on by the two personalities stuck in his mind, he may get confused very easily.

Lex's Observations: I think I've said enough down in Superboy's history...however, I have recently acquired the trademark to the "S-Shield" and hope to be releasing T-Shirts with the emblem's all over them.  I don't really worry about trying to make too much money off Matrix, he's more than made up for it to me and will become a great asset in the future.

Neil Richards's Observations: Superboy was pretty much a blank slate for us to work with.  We were really lacking on the whole sweet southern vibe that every group needs.  So we decided to play off *name removed*'s origins, and have him grow up as a hardworking farm boy.  To make up for his lack of personality, we just write off that he's shy and reserved.


            From what I have gathered of his past, Matrix landed in Smallville during the infamous meteor shower. He seems to be some alien construct, possibly from the alien planet that Clark came from. While scouting out different locations for the new plant, I found him he was nothing more than a ball of "goo."  I decided to take him in and study him. Upon further examination I saw that this construct seemed to have some sentience. There was actual genes coded into it's structure.  I did not understand why it was not able to function correctly, so I left Smallville and my company (and my "best friend" Clark) and devoted all my time to crack this open. During my absence I noticed that some pieces of the genetic structure was missing chromosomes. Clark's blood samples have been lost to me, so I  was forced to use some of my own genetic samples to complete Matrix.  Unsure of whether or not this even would work, I coded RNA with my genetic code and added it to the purple protoplasm, hoping that the process would take.  After waiting for a few hours, there seemed to be no change, so I decided to leave it at that to the day.  I awoke to sounds of alarms going off in my lab and I returned to find a young child that looked suspiciously like Clark.  I tried to study the child, but he would not cooperate.  After thousands of dollars of destruction, I was finally able to calm the child down.. time enough for me to take samples.  The genetic structure of the child seemed to be over compensating, and the former protoplasmic being was now aging at an accelerated rate.  I was able to finally stabilize him, but by that time I was able to stop it, he was already in his early teen years. 

Over my 4 year absence I have done this and more. He seems to be very eager to learn, however I have been controlling what he does and does not know. I have also taken precautions not to allow him to develop his own personality, so that he would be easier manipulated, as well as more loyal. He can be an asset to me, as a possible weapon against Clark.. Superman. He is very loyal, and seems grateful to me for helping him out of Smallville.
            Matrix has become a little.. stir crazy, just sticking around as one of my "bodyguards." Clark's influence seems to be more than just looks, he wants to actually help people, Which is good since with the whole Justice League team that Clark is starting, I've decided to jump on the superhero team bandwagon with a Luthor twist. Matrix, with a group of other young people, will parade as the Teen Titans.