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Green Arrow

Name: Green Arrow
Real Name:  Roy Harper
Height:  5'10"
Weight: 160 lbs.
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Green

Superhuman abilities: None. Green Arrow possesses no superhuman powers or abilities, however he is a marksman of incredible accuracy which are far superior to any other living being.
Weapons/Paraphernalia:  A special compound bow, a quiver with normal or gimmick arrows for use in various situations.

History:  Roy had a normal childhood.  He took up archery as a kid, even at the behest of his parents, who believed that he should be playing normal sports like baseball.  Once he told his parents that he was going to actively pursue an archery career, they kicked him out of the house.  His resolve was strengthened and he did everything to achieve his dream.  In-between school and floating between friend's houses, he actively practiced.  He soon began to compete at the state level, and eventually the national level, taking on the name Green Arrow so that he could avoid too much exposure from the media. He was undefeated, no one could even come close to comparing to him. Once his exploits reached the international level, the name Green Arrow was almost a household name. It didn't take long before he was contacted by Lex Luthor to join a newly developing team of superheroes where his skills could be put to better use.

Heat Factor: Of the Titans, Roy seems to be the rough and tumble bad boy of the team. We know we love us some bad boys.  He is sarcastic, surly and that's why we love him.   
His Passions:  Archery
Status: Single