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Lex Luthor

Name: Alexander "Lex" Luthor
Height:  5'10"
Weight: 175 lbs.
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Bald, Naturally Red
Eye Color: Green
Birthdate: September 10th, 1975
Sign: Virgo

Superhuman abilities: None, unless you count the fact that this man can run the worlds biggest business on next to no sleep.
Weapons/Paraphernalia: A slick suit and his trusty cell phone.

History:  Born in the heart of Metropolis to Lionel and Lillian Luthor, Lex was groomed from a young age to follow in his father's shoes and become a businessman. Lex graduated from Metropolis Christian High School as the valedictorian of his class. He attended Harvard where he got his Bachelor's in Business Administration. After working for his father's company, LuthorCorp, Lex decided it was time for him to make a name for himself. 

He branched out and created his own company, LexCorp.  Luthor first gained notoriety when he designed and piloted the suborbital LexWing aircraft on a record-breaking flight from Metropolis to Australia. He became the youngest CEO to ever win a contract from the United States Department of Defense, and his company, LexCorp began to thrive.  He took an unexpected break for a few years where he handed over the reigns of overseeing the company to an associate. He has since returned, having spent some of his personal time off building a large network of alliances and contacts within the business world.

    Although LexCorp was initially an aerospace company, Mr. Luthor saw fit to broaden its horizons with worldwide holding in every technological, medical, and social arena imaginable. A noted philanthropist, Mr. Luthor made it a personal goal to return his good fortune to the city he called home, establishing scholarships, making charitable donations, and building hospitals throughout Metropolis. Luthor has devoted his life to furthering scientific advances and helping the unfortunate.  By creating the Teen Titans, he hopes to continue his trend of helping the less fortunate.

Heat Factor:  He's Lex Luthor. It doesn't get much hotter than that.
His Passions:  Running his company. He doesn't really have much free time outside of that.
Status: Bachelor.