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Quinzell's Logs: Prince Orin

[17:48] <DrQuinzell> I'm just going to ask you a few questions if you don't mind?
[17:50] <Orin> If I mind, then I will simply not reply.
[17:51] <DrQuinzell> ::nods:: Fair Enough. What do you think about being here, as a member of the Titans?
[18:04] <Orin> It is a means to an end.
[18:04] <DrQuinzell> Could you please elaborate on that?
[18:07] <Orin> ::furrows brow, contermplating how to phrase:: If the oceans were to boil away, then all life would suffer and eventually die. 
[18:09] <DrQuinzell> ::blinks:: So you're doing this to help protect the ocean?
[18:09] <Orin> Yes. 
[18:10] <DrQuinzell> ::nods:: Well that answers two questions them. ::smiles a little bit:: what do you think of your teammates?
[18:27] <Orin> They, as a group, are quite talented and powerful individuals, but their competance--one expects that will develop with time and experience. 
[18:29] <DrQuinzell> ::nods:: With younger people, a lot of this is a learning experience. Do you miss your home a lot?
[18:34] <Orin> I was much younger when I began my education. Death can be a learning experience as well, so let us pray they learn their lessons well. 
[18:36] <DrQuinzell> You likely will. This Titans program isn't a little league baseball team. Why did you decide to leave your home for the surface world? couldn't you have done things from where you were?
[18:45] <Orin> My uncle has a saying, "Family business is family business; but when your family is the royal family, your business is everyone's business." What is your home like, Doctor? Do you have a husband? Children? 
[18:47] <DrQuinzell> ::shakes her head:: I'm single, without children. My job here has taken a lot of time recently.
[18:52] <Orin> I'm sure. The psychology of children with special abilities who dress up and seek the adulation of the public must be quite time-consuming, but you're not the one being analyzed here.
[18:53] <DrQuinzell> You'd be amazed. ::Shakes her head slightly:: No, I'm not. Do you seek to do more than just teach people about the plight of the ocean? Are you looking to learn?
[18:56] <Orin> I have always been a ready student.
[18:57] <DrQuinzell> What sorts of things would you like to learn about our world?
[19:08] <Orin> Sorcery has always been an avid interest of mine. It's a very present and powerful component of Atlantean society, that is all but absent from the surface world. 
[19:19] <DrQuinzell> And this intrigues you? how we work without it?
[19:23] <Orin> No, of course not. We don't use sorcery for every little thing. I suspect you don't even believe in its existance.
[19:24] <DrQuinzell> A lot of people don't. 
[19:27] <Orin> That's my point exactly. You surface-dwellers don't believe in anything, save for the superiority of your own misconceptions. 
[19:27] <DrQuinzell> Our beliefs aren't on trial here, Orin.
[19:34] <DrQuinzell> What was your life at home like?
[19:38] <Orin> It was quite wet. 
[19:38] <DrQuinzell> *sighs* Orin, please?
[19:45] <Orin> What do you want to hear? Your people are quite adept of making of realities, I can hardly recall the actual truths.
[19:50] <DrQuinzell> ::nod, her phone beeps and she sees that it's Lex:: I'm sorry.. I have to take this call.. you may go.