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Quinzell's Logs: Dinah Lance

<DrQuinzell> I'm just going to ask you a few questions if you don't mind?
<Dinah> Actually, I do mind. But, if I want to get paid I sit and I let you play shrink. *sits back in her chair and tosses her pony tail over her should*
<DrQuinzell> It's all for your benefit. It helps sometimes.. to talk to people. What do you think about being here, as a member of the Teen Titans?
<Dinah> Mm, yes. And answering a bs question like that, really brings out my emotional side. Wait..wait do you have tissues? *tilts her head and mocks a sad look..then rolls her eyes a bit* I was doing this stuff before I came here...just now I get a regular paycheck for it.
<DrQuinzell> *sighs* You didn't answer my question.
<Dinah> Oh, what do you need a feeling word? *nods*
<DrQuinzell> No. I need you to tell me what you think about it.
<Dinah> Well, see, I though I had done that.
<DrQuinzell> Not specifically, no. You don't have any thoughts on this team.. your teammates, any of it?
<Dinah> Thoughts, I suppose I have some. But, I'm not a writer...I'm a superhero. I don't describe well. They're here, they're fighting the good fight. Go good guys.
<DrQuinzell> Right.. is it difficult getting adjusted to living with such a diverse group of people.
<Dinah> I'm an only child. It's difficult learning how to live with anyone. ((Though I suppose I learned how to live with my mother...err no wait I didn't)) ::gives a small smile to Supes:: no offense, of course
<Superboy> *shakes his head, like 'none taken'*
<DrQuinzell> Especially the group of boys that you live with. *slight smile* How long have you and Ms. Granger known each other? A long time?
<Dinah> Eh, boys I can deal with. ::shrugs:: Long time.
<DrQuinzell> I don't doubt that you can. And you two are close?
<Dinah> ::nods and gives Supes a wink before shrugging and scratching the back of her neck:: Yeah.
<DrQuinzell> How is it going from an even partnership that you two have, to having to basically work under someone?
<Dinah> Annoying as hell?
<DrQuinzell> So it bugs you having to work for Lex a lot?
<Dinah> Shh, don't tell ::finger to lips ..joking like this is a secret::
<DrQuinzell> Why do you have such a problem with him? If I'm not mistaken, he's helping you out
<Dinah> Hmm, let me ask. How would you like being made into a barbie doll? ::seriously not that happy expression as she tilts her head again::
<DrQuinzell> Probably not.. but you came into this knowingly, didn't you? You were one of the few that didn't officially audition, regardless of what the public thinks.
<Dinah> Some things you have to do ::shives and looks towards the wall, b/c she's not going any further on that topic::
<DrQuinzell> Switching gears a little bit. Is it hard for you to carry on the legacy of Black Canary, well known superhero icon and pretty much the first woman superheroine?
<Dinah> ::scratches at her eyebrow for a second before crossing her arms and going into an even more defensive posture:: It's dandy
<Superboy> I'm curious as well.. you're the only person that actually came from a background like that. *he's being cuuurious*
<Dinah> ::looks over to Superboy and sighs...rolling her eyes a bit:: It was just something to use...((Surprised she lets me tarnish the good name)) ::Rolls her eyes at her thought again before shaking her head:: Just..::Looking only at Superboy:: It's not like it was passed down to me. I did this totally on my own.
<Superboy> *nods* But even so.. you're carrying on the legacy. It must be hard?
<Dinah> ::shrugs and pulls and arm out to look at her watch:: Are we almost done?
<DrQuinzell> ::had been watching the two converse.. jotting down notes:: Yeah.. That's enough for now.. you're free to go.
<Dinah> Thank you ::bolts up as if totally ready, but gives supes a pat on the shoulder before she exits::