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Quinzell's Logs: Grant Emerson

<DrQuinzell> I'm just going to ask you a few questions if you don't mind?
<Grant> I, uh, sure, I guess.
<DrQuinzell> First things first.. what do you think about being here, as a member of the Titans?
<Grant> Oh, I like it, it's cool, money, fame.. doing something with my powers besides destroying shit.
<DrQuinzell> Great. How do you feel living with a group of people your age..? especially with all their different backgrounds. It must be difficult adjusting.
<Grant> S'alright, I guess, I mean.. that Orin guy's kind of weird, but, yeah, I think I'm doing okay.
<DrQuinzell> *takes down some notes, smiles a little* Yes. Orin is a bit.. unique, isn't he? These questions are going to get personal, you don't have to answer them if you don't want to. ..Your family life was.. rough to say the least. Are you angry with things that have gone on in the past?
<Grant> My.. my family life? You guys know about all that..?
<DrQuinzell> *nods a little* ..Mr. Luthor doesn't like to have any surprises pop up later in the tabloids. You don't have to worry, I'm not going to hold any of it against you. It's just to help me better understand you.
<Grant> ...Wow. Well, what does it say in there?
<DrQuinzell> *opens up a manila folder* Police reports... Report cards.. School transcripts.. Medical records.. *hmms* It seems that your doctors believed you might have been abused?
<Grant> *obviously getting uncomfortable* I-- God, the others don't know about this, do they?
<DrQuinzell> *shakes her head* No. Mr. Luthor has only allowed myself and some others access to these files.
<Grant> Oh, okay-- that's, uh, good, because, well-- *shifts a little* yeah
<DrQuinzell> Would you like to talk about it? I won't judge.
<Grant> There's.. not much to say I guess, me and my old man would argue.. when I said something he didn't like. he'd shut me up.
<DrQuinzell> *nod* By hitting you?
<Grant> ..yeah, by hitting me.
<DrQuinzell> *scribbles down some notes* How did it make you feel?
<Grant> *chuckles quietly* Bruised?
<DrQuinzell> *frowns a little* You know I meant emotionally.
<Grant> yeah, I kinda did.. it was.. just, bad I guess? Can't say much else..
<DrQuinzell> ::nods again:: Bad.. Are you angry at him?
<Grant> I-- Maybe? I-- er.. do we have to talk about this?
<DrQuinzell> Not right now, no. *looks over her notes* Alright.. that's it for now, Mr. Emerson, you're free to go.
<DrQuinzell> Unless you want to talk a little more?
<Grant> I-- er-- no, I'm fine, unless, there's, like.. anything you need to ask?
<DrQuinzell> *shakes her head slightly* No, that's all Grant. Have a nice day. *smiles*
<Grant> Thanks, er, you too. *gets up to leave*