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Quinzell's Logs: Roy Harper

[19:05] <DrQuinzell> I'm just going to ask you a few questions if you don't mind?
[19:05] <Roy> ...Whatever
[19:05] <DrQuinzell> What do you think about being here, as a member of the Titans?
[19:06] <Roy> It's alright. ::shrugs and lights a smoke::
[19:07] <DrQuinzell> Just alright?
[19:07] <Roy> ::blows smoke into his/her face:: That's what I said, wasn't it?
[19:08] <DrQuinzell> Please don't do that.
[19:08] <Roy> Are we done here? ::shifts uneasily in his seat as if ready to leave the second he's told to::
[19:08] <DrQuinzell> We just started.
[19:09] <DrQuinzell> So no, we're not.
[19:09] <DrQuinzell> What do you think of your teammates?
[19:10] <Roy> They're alright. ::is starting to hate Quinzell, takes another puff::
[19:11] <DrQuinzell> ::sighs inwardly:: Why did you try out for the Titans?
[19:12] <Roy> Are you kiddin' me? There's only one thing that gets you more ladies than being a rock star, and that's being a super hero.. ::winks:: 
[19:14] <DrQuinzell> ..You joined because you wanted to meet women? What about the Olympics, weren't you a lock for the Gold?
[19:16] <Roy> Lady, The Olympics ain't got nothing on being a super hero when it comes to groupies.. ::blows another puff in her face:: You know what it means when someone blows smoke in your face, right? ::scoots his chair a little closer towards her:: How about I ask you a couple of questions now?
[19:18] <Superboy> ::had been silently observing:: Green Arrow, blow smoke in her face one more time.. She's trying to do her job. Please stop being difficult. It will go faster if you let her do so.
[19:19] <Roy> Stop being such a fucking narc man. I'm trying to get my game on.. She doesn't mind, really. ::raises his eyebrows twice, very suggestively::
[19:20] <DrQuinzell> ::looks visibly uncomfortable:: Uhh.
[19:21] <Superboy> Green Arrow.. I think it's about time for you to leave.
[19:22] <Roy> Whatever. I didn't agree to this stupid interview in the first place. ::tosses the cigarette to the ground and puts it out with his heel::
[19:22] <DrQuinzell> ::sighs, rubs her forehead:: ((I really don't get paid enough for this))
[19:22] <Roy> ::gets up and walks away flipping the bird to the onlookers::