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Quinzell's Logs: Donna Troy

 <DrQuinzell> Well okay.. We're just going to talk.. I'll just ask you some questions..
 <Donna> Aren't we talking now?
 <DrQuinzell> Of course. Donna, how do you feel about this, the Titans?
 <Donna> They're nice? Some are a little off, but nice
 <DrQuinzell> Likely a big change from what you're used to. How are you adjusting?
 <Donna> Fine, tv is a little weird...and some of the people we run into act really strange, but everyone is being pretty good about everything in getting me to understand.
<DrQuinzell> Strange? What sorts of things would you call 'strange'?
<Donna> Like the screaming people that come around when we go anywhere...that's strange right? 
<DrQuinzell> *nods* Especially for normal people your age. Does this make you uncomfortable, your lack of privacy?
<Donna> *fidgets a little* Well, we do have plenty of privacy, just really seem to get in the way of everything, and don't these people have things to do? 
<DrQuinzell> *smiles a little* I don't think so. They're a little crazy when it comes to famous people. Along those lines.. are you afraid of what your sister may do?
<Donna> ...not sure I follow you. 
<DrQuinzell> You sister, Wonder Woman? From what Lex tells me, you're not supposed to leave your island.. Themyscira was it?
<Donna> Oh. Well, it's not like she can expect me to sit around and wait, I wanted a chance to prove myself and I'm taking it.
<Donna> ...though she'll probably just try to drag me back when she finds out. 
<DrQuinzell> *nod* That's admirable. Not many people would be brave enough to take that step, especially towards something so different from what they're used to. How is your relationship with your sister? Do you look up to her..?
<Donna> Of course I look up to her, there's a reason she was allowed to come to Man's World. She's strong, but she doesn't give me enough credit, I can be just as strong if they just give me a chance.
<DrQuinzell> *nod* Do you resent being in her shadow?
<Donna> Just because I came here doesn't mean I'm in her shadow...
<DrQuinzell> I'm sorry.. I didn't mean it like that.. but you said she was strong and was the only one from your island allowed to come over here?
<Donna> Yes, she was the only one given the right to come here...I sort of took mine.
<DrQuinzell> Dumb question but, Would you eventually like to get to the point where you could be better than her?
<Donna> Not everything is about being better than everyone else. I just want to be given a chance, to be seen as a equal.
<DrQuinzell> Interesting.. you really do come from a different school of thought than a lot of the others. Very admirable. How has your life on Themyscira shaped the person that you are?
<Donna> You ask a lot of odd questions, do you ask how being raised in Man's World has shaped the rest of them? 
<DrQuinzell> *nod* I ask them how their family, or other experiences have shaped them.
<Donna> It's just who I am, if I wasn't raised there then I'd probably be degrading myself like those girls on TV.
 <DrQuinzell> *nod* Do you miss home?
 <Donna>...sometimes, doesn't everyone miss home when they're not there?
 <DrQuinzell> I suppose.. but not many people have to go from a culture so different from their own. Why did you come here?
 <Donna> Because it's like a privilege to be here, can't spend my entire life not seeing what's outside, I can't stay sheltered all my life.
 <DrQuinzell>  Thank you so very much