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Quinzell's Logs: Rich Grayson

<DrQuinzell> I'm just going to ask you a few questions if you don't mind?
<Rich> Of course not. *Smiles* What would you like to know?
<DrQuinzell> First things first.. what do you think about being here, as a member of the Titans?
<Rich> I'm definitely liking it, so far. I get to apply everything I'm good at to something that helps people. I'm also rather fond of the fact that I don't have to worry about a lot of backbreaking labor, or find myself sleeping somewhere else, every night.
<DrQuinzell> *nods* And your teammates? How do you feel about living with such a diverse group of people?
<Rich> *Chuckles, slightly* Well, I grew up in the circus. So living among a group of diverse people is nothing exactly new to me. I'm finding them very...interesting, so far. I think I'll get along with them very well.
<DrQuinzell> *smiles at that* Oh, right. I'm sure the circus had very interesting people. How do you think living in the circus has shaped you as a person?
<Rich> *Looks thoughtful for a moment* It's really made me a stronger person, I think. It gave me a strong work ethic and attention to detail. It's also given me a zest for life and taught me to enjoy every moment you can. Of course, it also taught me to live with a minum of sleep. *Smiles* But in the end..I don't really think I was cut out to stay in the circus.
<DrQuinzell> Why do you think so?
<Rich> Well..after a while, the travelling starts to get to you, for one. I've been all over the country, yet...most of what I've seen is all the empty lots of the country. As much as I loved being an acrobat, I wanted a chance to have one solid place to come home to at the end of the day. And I wanted a chance to really see the world around me.
<DrQuinzell> *smiles* The Titans will surely give that to you. How is your relationship with your parents? They can't be too happy that you disappeared.
<Rich> *Frowns slightly* They..weren't exactly pleased with my decision to leave the circus, no. We had an argument over it, and then I left. I haven't really talked to them, since then. It's not exactly easy to get in touch with someone when they're somewhere new every day or week.
<DrQuinzell> Do you miss the them and the circus?
<Rich> I miss them, somewhat. I mean, I'll always have some fond memories of the circus, but I just..don't feel like I belong there, anymore. I'm happy where I'm at, now.
<DrQuinzell> Why did you decide to try out for the Titans?
<Rich> *Pauses for a moment, considering mentioning the story of how he found the flier, but deciding against it, for some reason* Well...I'd been working in a lot of different part time jobs in Gotham...and then I saw one of the fliers. It sounded like something that I could really enjoy doing I am.
<DrQuinzell> *nods* Living on your own in Gotham, what was that like?
<Rich> It wasn't as bad as it seems it might be. *Shrugs, slightly* I learned how to take care of myself in the circus, so I was alright, for the most part. The hard part was finding a job that really fit me and making ends meet, sometimes.
<DrQuinzell> Independence is a good virtue to have.. though it is hard at times. *smiles* Atleast you seemed to make it through fine.
<Rich> *nods slightly and smiles* I think I've done alright for myself, yeah.
<DrQuinzell> I'd say. Okay.. I think I have enough down.. if you don't have anything else you wish to talk to.. you're free to go.
<Rich> Alright. *Smiles* It was a pleasure then.