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Quinzell's Logs: Kyle Rayner

<DrQuinzell> ..oops *drops her clipboard and bends over in front of Kyle to retrieve it*
<Kyle> *generates a camera and snaps a green polaroid*
<DrQuinzell> ..Did a flash just go off?
<Kyle> *morphs a pair of x-ray glasses on his face and sees her.. skeleton.. ew.. damn*
<DrQuinzell> *turns around* ...
<Kyle> *reading a fake green newspaper*
<DrQuinzell> Kyle..
<Kyle> shhhh. Marmaduke.
<DrQuinzell> Kyle this is serious..
<Kyle> *let's the paper disipate and sits in a floating beanbag* Whatever.
<DrQuinzell> Are you ready for these questions?
<Kyle> Yeah, go ahead.
<DrQuinzell> what do you think about being here, as a member of the Titans?
<Kyle> *shrugs, forming a pencil in his ring hand* Whatever. It's cool.
<DrQuinzell> *sighs inwardly, this is going to be long* And your teammates? How do you feel about living with such a diverse group of people?
<Kyle> *scribbles in the air, drawing a little motorcycle* I don't know. They're cool, I guess.
<DrQuinzell> You don't have an opinion on any of them?
<Kyle> *"erases" the motorcycle* Nope
<DrQuinzell> *...* Okay.. why did you decided to try out for the Titans?
<Kyle> Cuz... I could?
<DrQuinzell> Kyle.. I know you don't want to do this, but could you please just work with me a little bit? I'm trying to do my job here.
<Kyle> What? It's not like this matters. I'm already in!
<DrQuinzell> It does matter, Kyle. If it didn't I wouldn't be here.
<Kyle> Riiiight. They're just people. Whatever.
<DrQuinzell> *mouthes 'just people?'* Would you answer my earlier question please? About why you auditioned for the Titans?
<Kyle> Hello? I have superpowers. What else am I gonna do?
<DrQuinzell> You didn't have to use them to help people.. with your abilities you can probably do whatever you wish.. but you chose this.
<Kyle> What else do I do? Go be a supervillain? Superman'd kick my butt!
<DrQuinzell> *smiles a little at that.* How was your life before Titans?
<Kyle> *whips up a little mock-up and him and Superman fighting like Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots, he loses* The usual High school. Slacker.
<DrQuinzell> *nods* So nothing interesting happened in high school?
<Kyle> Nooope. How much longer is this gonna take?
<DrQuinzell> The more difficult you are the longer this is going to take.
<Kyle> What? I'm answering your questions!
<DrQuinzell> ((Barely)) I see from your files that you lived with your mother? How was that?
<Kyle> It's was... motherly?
<DrQuinzell> *sighs* How is your relationship with her? Were you close?
<Kyle> Yeah.. y'know.. she's my mom.
<DrQuinzell> *nod* Do you miss her?
<Kyle> Sure.. I guess.
<DrQuinzell> How did living with only your mother affect you? Are you angry at your father?
<Kyle> Uhh.. Not like I ever met him.
<DrQuinzell> This is a touchy subject.. but you've gone through a pretty traumatic ordeal with your.. friend, Alex?
<Kyle> ...uh huh
<DrQuinzell> How has that affected you..? you seem pretty guarded..
<Kyle> *shrugs, annoyed* I'm fine
<DrQuinzell> Kyle.. you don't look fine to me.
<Kyle> We done yet?
<DrQuinzell> *sighs* Fine. You're free to go.
<Kyle> Later Dr. Quin *flies off*