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power girl

Name: Power Girl
Real Name:  Donna Troy
Height:  5'11"
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blue
Birthdate: 11/24/84
Sign: Sagittarius

Superhuman abilities: Superhuman strength and durability. 
Weapons/Paraphernalia: None. 

History:  For her entire life, Power Girl
has been a fighter.  Orphaned at a young age, she has been forced to look to herself for strength.  She was carted around between several different foster homes, being labeled a problem child because of her tendency to fight and hurt children, pets, etc. with her (then) unknown super strength.

To make her the equal of her fellow inhabitants, all of whom possess super-human skills, the child, now named Donna, was given powers similar to those of Wonder Woman by a modification of the Amazons' life-saving Purple Healing Ray. While Power Girl is not as strong as Wonder Woman, she apparently possesses the power of unaided flight which her sister lacks.

Upon journeying to man's world, Power Girl was left with no place to stay, and began secretly making her home in Titan Lair between meetings. Her dizzy spells were soon traced to a malfunction in the Purple Ray which had caused it to drain her powers when used. The male Titans quickly resolved her dilemma by setting her up in a civilian identity under the name Donna Troy, and finding her a roommate in a Greenwich Village apartment, one Sharon Tracy. To celebrate, Power Girl redesigned her hairdo and costume. Since the young super-heroine has never worn either a mask as Power Girl or a disguise as Donna Troy, it is surprising how few people have managed to connect her two identities thus far.

Heat Factor:  There's just something about her... While she isn't too big on words, she gives off a charisma that just intrigue's you.  There is something about Miss Troy that seems to be different. She isn't afraid to kick ass, quite the opposite.  Donna is quick to test people's strengths.  Despite her fighter's spirit, she is a very kind and caring person.  A great dichotomy.
Her Passions:  Fighting, sparring, learning... 
Status: Single